1. Blinded



Last name ever, first name greatest?
Ain’t y’all jits kinda young to be making them type of statements?
I don’t even know where to begin…
‘Cause like me, nigga, you ain’t even in my own top ten
There’s a whole lotta brothas with more game than you
And them same brothas got more game than me, too
Ain’t no way you got more lyrics than Method Man, you feel me
How you gon’ say that you’re greater than Tupac & Biggie?
The list goes on & on; till the break of dawn
Rappin’ was established since before you was born
Young boys sprint out the gate – but do they last?
Better do your own thing in this game, like Outkast
I’d rather see your flower naturally bloom
So every once in a while, shut down the Autotune
And leave the singing to the singers, the rapping to the rappers
If you’re claiming you’re gangster, better be a gun clapper
But I feel your pain – through your journey, man
The truth hurts in your fantasy land
So, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Like Chuck D., in the battle for your mind
‘Cause, you’ve been blinded
Search party out for your heart; they can’t find it
As time passes, I kick back & rewind it
The truth hurts – I ain’t hatin’, I’m just sayin’
You’re stuck in The Matrix with them games that you’re playing…

{Chorus} x 2
Got your eyes wide open, but you still can’t see
Y’all niggas can’t fuck with me
To be the best, that’s my destiny
My enemies don’t rest in peace
I leave ‘em blinded

Fuck y’all, and all them games that you’re playing
I’m ‘bout to start murdering rappers to make a statement
I don’t even know how I’ma stop
‘Cause unlike y’all niggas, I’m only ‘bout that REAL Hip-Hop
There’s a whole lotta brothas with more game than you
And I’m one – more in my pinky than your whole damn crew
Yeah, its true – you made some money
But you ain’t worth shit
Come through my ‘hood & get hit
There ain’t no ambulance - straight to the hearse
My verse is both a gift and a curse
That’s why I’m thankful to the lord though living on earth hurts
The egg or the chick; don’t matter which came first
The energy I kick permeates the universe
Throwing ‘bows to expose you hoes
Ain’t nothing worse than
Niggas like you pretend to be another person
Yeah, I smile – I enjoy seeing you hurtin’
Your rap style’s unemployed – it ain’t workin’

{Chorus} x 3